Claypool hill church of christ

Bulletin 01/24/2021

Worship Services

Traditional @ 11am

Opening Hymn - "Heavenly Father, We Appreciate You" 141

Hymn - "I Stand Amazed" 147


Communion Hymn - "Wounded For Me" 328

Communion Scripture - Brandon Vandyke

Message - Bob Smith

"What Does God Require of You?"

Deuteronomy 10:12

Invitation Hymn - "Jesus Paid it All" 922

Closing Prayer

Closing Hymn - "He is Lord" 179


RESTART @ 11am

Worship Team Omega


Communion Scripture - Shannon Ratliff

Message - Allen Gross

"The Wilderness"


Today's Activities :
Adult Sunday School Class @ 10 am
"Share the Love" @ 5 pm: Sending out cards for birthdays, anniversaries, get well, sympathy & thinking of you. If you have someone you would like a card sent to, please let us know and provide address.
Evening Services @ 6 pm

This Weeks Activities:

Monday @ 8:15: Weekly Walk on Facebook

Monday @ 10 am: Caps for Cancer

Tuesday 6:30-8:00 pm: Teen Bible Bowl (grades 6-12)

Wednesday @ 6 pm:  Youth meeting

Wednesday @ 7 pm: Bible Study

Thursday @ 8 pm: Front Porch Devotions

Saturday @ 7 pm:  Harry the Hound Dog Bible Stories (Facebook)

Upcoming Events:

February 6 - Virtual Bible Bowl Competition

February 8 - Caps for Cancer


Individually packaged Children's Bible Lessons may be found at the Connection Desk

Birthdays & Anniversaries:

24th - Pam Osborne

24th - Flo Keene

24th - Sam Vandyke

24th - William & Nichole Gillespie

25th - Wade & Cookie Casey

27th - Lonny & Sue Bailey

Attendance Last Week - 123

Offering Last Week - $2,486

Prayer List

Mike Reynolds

Sharon Reynolds

Lillian Dales Family

Trish Dales

Francis Coleman Family

Margaret Johnson

Fred Lawson

Tommy Lewis

Jenna Porter

Rodney Collins

Zack Carter

Vicky Lester

Melissa Elswick

Unspoken Request

Glenn Brewster

Crystal Keen

Cody Harman Family

Dunford Deel Family

Parker Ball

Ruth Yates

Danny Stevenson Family

Janet Carnes Family

Betty & Jim Rasnick

Richard Bailey

Ron Tiller

Cullon Puckett Family

Adrianna Ball

Peggy Mallary

Ryan, Savanna & Baby Ryker Blackburn


Home Communion This Week:

Cancelled during Phase 1

Next Week:

Cancelled during Phase 1

Wee Worship Today:

Cancelled during Phase 1

Next Sunday:

Cancelled during Phase 1

Children's Church Today:

Cancelled during Phase 1

Next Sunday:

Cancelled during Phase 1

Nursery (birth-3yrs):

Cancelled during Phase 1




Bob's Cell: 276-345-5529

Allen's Cell: 276-210-4862