Everyday Bible Conversations!

For the week leading to worship, Sunday, November 29th.

This week’s Theme:   Hope                                        Reading:  Daniel 6:6-27

 Summary of the Reading

The first week of Advent starts in a seemingly unlikely place, in the Book of Daniel.  In one of the most “tellable” stories of the Old Testament, Daniel has been thrown into the lions den.  King Darius, Daniel friend, had been tricked into passing an irrevocable law that a person caught praying to anyone besides King Darius would be put to death in the lions den.  Daniel – a faithful Jew – was caught in the plot, and King Darius, dogmatically adhering to his own law, threw Daniel into the den overnight.  But Daniel believes – he has hope in God – and God delivers Daniel from the lions.  King Darius decrees that all people shall tremble and fear God “For he is the living God, enduring forever. . . He delivers and rescues, he works signs and wonders in heaven and on earth.” 

A Creation Question: 

What is made to last forever?  In Daniel’s story, earthly laws are treated as immutable, leading King Darius (himself the king!) to order an unjust sentence on Daniel.  God’s love endures far beyond the laws of men.  What earthly troubles of your life have seemed like they would last forever?  How has God helped you overcome them?  Or how is God helping you overcome them?

An Everyday Question: 

The first candle is Hope.  Who had hope in the story of Daniel?  The men who plotted against Daniel?  King Darius?  Daniel?  In what or whom did each place their hope?  Are there times when you place your hope in your own plans, or earthly rules?  Where does God ask us to place our Hope? 

An Action Step:

Clear your mind of earthly plans or rules!  What do you Hope for?  Ask God; he is with you!

Don’t like these questions?  Do these verses say something different to you?  Great!  What it is?

Find a friend (or two or many) and take an EBC coffee break!  Find 15-25 minutes somewhere in the week and come to share or just listen and enjoy (virtual) company.  Have fun finding God this week in your Everyday Life!