Pledge Sunday
November 22, 2020

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BOS Video 1

Basic Online Stewardship: "All We Do with All We Have"

Stewardship is a response to God.  Stewardship is everything we do after we say, "I believe."


BOS Video 2

Basic Online Stewardship: "The 3-T's of Time, Talent and Treasure"

Stewardship is not only the use of one's financial resources, but the use of one's whole life and being to further the Kingdom of God.  We give not only with our money, but also with our time, and our ability/experience/talent, as well.

BOS Video 3

Basic Online Stewardship: "First Fruits"

The biblical practice of giving from our first fruits is vital to stewardship.  The concept of first fruits focuses on giving to God first and giving God our best.

BOS Video 4

Basic Online Stewardship: "Spiritual Discipline"

Contrary to popular believe, stewardship is not a financial issue.  Rather, stewardship is a spiritual discipline.


BOS Video 5

Basic Online Stewardship: "Tithe"

The tithe is 10% - A goal to reach toward and then there is still room to grow!

BOS Video 6

Stewardship - "All Things Come From You, O Lord."

"And from your own have we given you." 1 Chronicles 29:14 Stewardship is always a response.

BOS Video 7

Aubrey - What Giving Means To Me

Grace leader Aubrey Tolentino shares what giving means to her and how her giving impacts her life and the kingdom of God.

BOS Video 8

Sherene - Kingdom Giving

Our Sr. Warden, Sherene Dorazio, shares her experience of giving, blessing, and expanding God's Kingdom.