January 17-22: The Exodus of Egypt

Exodus 1-18, Psalms 17-22

Message Series by Pastor Dan Williams: 

Exodus - He Draws Us Out to Draw Us In 

The exodus shows that there is a God who saves; who delivers his people from bondage through the work of a savior. All the way back from Moses to now, was all about Jesus. Moses was sent to deliver his people from slavery. Jesus came to deliver all of humanity from eternal bondage.

The Book of Exodus Overview - Part 1 of 2

Explore the Israelites journey out of slavery and into exile.Following the lineage of God's chosen people from Jacob to Moses, the first video in this two-part Exodus series tells the story of the Israelites as they journey from favor to enslavement to freedom to exile.

Exodus 1-18 - Video Overview


Investigate the Biblical concept of God's Holiness. What does it mean for God to be holy? How do you have a relationship with a holy God? This fully animated video discusses the notion of God's Holiness as not just morally perfect, but also as supremely pure and powerful.