1 Samuel 11:13 "
... today the Lord has provided deliverance in Israel.” 

Call to Worship

Please Read Psalm 115 as you prepare your heart to worship God today.

Opening Hymn 


Please Read Psalm 34 as you continue to ponder the greatness of God.

Worship in Song 


Children's Devotions 

Lesson: The Triumphal Entry of Jesus

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Pray for God's purposes to be done during this unique period in our history - that as His people, we will find our security and comfort in God's providence and care.
Pray for all our elderly and those at risk of the Coronavirus, that God's hand of protection and healing would be on them, and that they would not be anxious as we go through this time of trial. 
Pray that God would help us all to draw close to him as individuals and families as we are unable to meet together each week, and that our efforts to use technology and the internet will not be a hindrance to our worship of God and our continued growth in his Word.


Title: When God steps in to Save!
Text:1 Samuel 11:1-15
Preacher: Kyle Tamblyn

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Closing Hymn