Youth Excellence Fund 

Would you like to make a difference in the lives  of young people? 

The Youth Excellence Fund  was created with the objective of supporting our youth in their pursuit of excellence in the areas of academics, athletics and arts. Through the fund, we also desire to help other young people strive for their dreams by donating to charities that benefit youth. 

Our $50-5-50 initiative endeavours to find 50 people willing to commit to giving $50 for 5 consecutive months! Click the DONATE button below to join the cause today.


Youth Highlights:

Sarai Edwardville is a determined student who has always had the desire to pursue higher education. Just like many other students, Sarai had aspirations and big dreams of a better future. However, in high school, Sarai began having academic struggles, causing her to doubt her ability to pursue academic excellence.

After years of hard work and perseverance, Sarai holds a DEC in Social Services from Dawson College which she completed maintaining an 85% average while working and volunteering part-time. Sarai is currently in the First People Studies program at Concordia University and has a 3.9 GPA while she continues to working and volunteering  part-time. She plans on continuing to Baccalaureate in Social Work at McGill University.

Being the eldest of 5 children, and coming from a single-parent home, pursuing a University degree is a financial burden. By supporting this fund, you can directly impact Sarai's life by allowing her to be at ease, as she pursues her dream to help those living in the system.


Ty Henry learned to skate at the age of one, developing essential hockey skills. He has accomplished incredible feats in the course of his young athletic journey, such as representing Quebec and competing with the best players in his age category. Now 14 years old, he has had the honor of being elected team Captain, leading his team to provincial championship status for 3 consecutive years, in addition to competing on the international stage in the 2018 World Selects Invitational (Bolzano, Italy) and 2019 (Chamonix, France) making the finals on both occasions.

Today, he is a student-athlete and currently expected to be part of the Ontario Hockey League Draft. As the middle child coming from a home of athletes, pursuing athletic excellence while maintaining an A- average comes with an enormous financial burden. In addition, hockey is an extremely costly sport, from equipment, to tournaments to team travel, all of which are essential provisions as he pursues his NHL dream. Your support will go a long way in helping Ty achieve his dream.

GOAL: $25,000