Small group


We (the church) have always done them. For 2000 years, the church has gone from a large gathered crowd to gathering together in smaller groups to encourage one another and build one another up. In Acts 2, we see they gathered around the Apostle‚Äôs teaching, shared a meal, prayed and shared stories of how the gospel has impacted them. 


  • Build in times for your group to do the following:
    • Volunteering
    • Serving 
    • Funding mission trips and endeavors
    • Fasting
    •  Praying 
  • On the first week of every month (at least), have your group do a worship time for the whole kids. Nothing crazy or overly prepared. Just an intentional time for the family to worship together. The group members (single, married, etc.) will support one another in discipling the next generation.
  • Every so often do a guys only and girls only week. This helps with childcare and men and women being more vulnerable when spouses are not present. 


Our curriculum is the Bible. The teacher is the Holy Spirit. You are the facilitator. There have been questions designed around the purpose of the time. 

The questions developed for the curriculum will come from these perspectives: 

1) How am I following Jesus?

2) How am I being changed by Jesus?

3) How am I on mission for with Jesus?

4) What does Jesus want from our group and our church?

Itinerary for Small Group

  • Fellowship / Catch-up / Eat
  • Testimony / Gospel Stories
  • Discussion around Biblical Text(s)
  • Prayer

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