Discipleship groups are intentional smaller groups (2-4) based off the model of Jesus and His three closest disciples (Peter, James and John). Due to people’s work schedules, involvements in other ministries on weeknights and/or stage of life, D-Groups are a great opportunity to be discipled or make disciples on a more flexible schedule and on a deeper level.


These groups are designed much like small groups but with 2-4 people of the same gender. A weekly meeting is great but we know that is not always feasible. So each group is encouraged to set the time, place and pace that would be most beneficial. Keep in mind to schedule opportunities for the group to do things outside of sanctioned meetings (See the third element below). 


The following are the core content elements of each Discipleship Group:

1. Community

Through the shared pursuit of living a Jesus-centered life, strong community develops between the group members as they learn how to build accountability through relationship.

2. Bible Reading

Each group has a reading plan with the focus of seeing Jesus in all of Scripture. This reading is more about quality, pacing, and understanding—not just checking a box. The reading will be discussed at each meeting of the D-Group so make it a habit to journal the phrases, insights, or significant truths the Lord would give you.

3. Shared Life

The goal here is not to just obtain more information but to get you in the habit of passing on the knowledge you gain. So remember to share life not just communication. Jesus’ model of making disciples was always in a very high relational environment. Jesus did not just grab coffee with these guys once a week. He didn’t just have a weekly Bible study. He lived life with His disciples and taught through actions as well as words. This does require a deeper commitment, but it is the way Jesus did it.


This could look different for each group but the main layout for the group would be the following: 

• Prayer for one another and for the time together 

• Discuss the reading plan

• Discuss the topic

• Pray for mission and application



Get with 4-5 other men or women from within or outside Village. Determine a routine for your group to meet that is convenient for the whole group.


After a few weeks of meeting and getting to know one another, pick a discipleship material to work through together. We have some options here, but the possibilities are endless.


Let us know about your group so we can pray for your group to multiply!

Are you ready to start or join one?