Rhythms is a daily rhythm of scripture reading,
prayer, and personal reflection.

What are the Rhythms?

Morning - Greet the day that God has made and read the daily scripture passage and reflect on it using our SOAP plan.

Midday - Stop to return your day to God.  At noon each day, we stop, wherever we are, and whatever we're doing, and say the Lord's Prayer.

Evening - Stop to reflect at the end of the day.  Before we go to bed, reflect on a few questions.  Use these questions for personal reflection to hear what God is saying.

What if I missed a reading?

If you missed a reading, that's OK, just start again the next day.  For a printable list of the daily scripture passages, click here. 

Rhythms is a tool developed and maintained by New Vine Franklin in Franklin, Ohio.  For more information, check out our main church website at www.newvinefranklin.com.